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Oyster Automatic Satellite SystemsOyster Automatic Satellite Systems  Oyster Automatic Satellite Systems
Oyster Automatic Satellite SystemsOyster Automatic Satellite Systems

Oyster Automatic Satellite Systems

The Automatic Satellite System has been around since the late 1990s. Oyster systems were one of the first to appear on the market and have become extremely popular over the last 14 years.

Nowadays you have a varied choice of products that you can fit to your RS Motorhome, and some of you have already purchased one of these satellite systems. Are any of you having problems getting your satellite to lock onto Astra 2? If you have not had any problems yet, you possibly will in the very near future.

This article will try to explain why owners are having problems getting their satellite systems to find the Astra 2 satellite.

In the early 1990s the first receivable TV satellite was launched and put into orbit over Europe. This allowed Sky TV channels to be beamed from space to your home providing greater choice for viewers.

The satellites that are used to broadcast a large selection of Sky TV programs have a life cycle of around 12 – 15 years. These satellites can weigh up to 5 tons and have huge solar panels that can generate enough power for the large number of transporters. In addition to the solar panels, these satellites are equipped with batteries that ensure uninterrupted viewing during eclipses (when the satellite passes through the earth’s shadow). At the end of the satellites life cycle, the solar cells, batteries, transmission booster will have deteriorated to a point where they can no longer be used. Also the fuel for the steering jets has also been depleted by then, and the satellite can no longer be kept in position. The last bit of fuel is then used to propel the satellite from its orbit in order to make way for its successor.

Astra 2

Astra 2 satellite is positioned at 282 degrees east and is the most important satellite for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In February 2014 the satellite that supplies Astra 2 will be on its first stage of replacement with the use of a new frequency and bandwidth. The second and final stage should be completed in August 2014.

What this means to the customer who has a self-seeking satellite system is that the footprint (the point to which you start to loose TV channels) is unsure, and due to the fact that Astra 2 is surrounded by nine others, the ability for the system to lock onto the Astra 2 could be lost. Rest assured that owners of the Oyster range of products will be able to have their systems updated when the changeover takes place.

N.B. This excludes owners who own a system that has a map of Europe on them, as this control box cannot be updated.

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